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Amazon With Bruce Parry (M): DVD

Amazon With Bruce Parry
Bruce Parry
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Special Interest
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After the incredible success of his BBC series "Tribe", explorer Bruce Parry embarks on an epic journey down the Amazon - the world's greatest river. This BAFTA award winning 6 part series finds Parry travelling from the Peruvian Andes to Brazil's Atlantic coast revealing the story of all the people who live and work in the Amazon - remote tribes under threat, llama herders, cattle barons, environmentalists and loggers. Whether playing football in drag at Carnival, imbibing hallucinogens with a shaman, sleeping on a hammock high in the canopy of the forest or riding a wild horse at a rodeo, Parry's energy and enthusiasm are infectious.

Barcode 9397810174894
Production Year 2008
Run Time 103 minutes
Rating M
Rating Information Coarse Language, Drug Use
Type DVD
Region 4
Format PAL
Animated No
Colour Colour
Re-release No
Release Date 03/09/2009
Please note that all DVDs available on this website are encoded for Region 4 only [Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Oceania, Central America, The Caribbean, Mexico and South America (except French Guiana)]. Please be aware that countries other than Australia may need a multi-region DVD player in order to play Region 4 DVDs.

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