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The Advantage

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For the highest repair volumes, we recommend the fully automated Advantage. This is our most advanced machine, and is in fact the most advanced disc repair machine available, period! With robotic disc transfer, touch screen control and dual computers, this machine is as easy as it gets. Simply place a stack of discs requiring repair in one side, specify the type and level of repair desired on the touch screen control, press start and pick up your repaired discs from the other side. They will be polished, clean and dry. Just place them back in their jewel cases to finish the job.


  • Industrial Strength On/Off Switch - Illuminated positive action push/pull style power switch indicates when the machine has power to repair discs.
  • New! Double-Disc Transfer Arm - Optimised for high-speed disc repair throughput, it transfers two discs at a time.
  • New! Flip-Up Polishing Head - The Polishing Head Turret pulls out of the machine and inverts for fast and easy pad replacement.
  • New! Larger Polishing Compound Reservoir - 32 ounce capacity for less frequent refills.
  • Larger Capacity System - Increased capacity Water Filtration and Recirculation Systems for more repairs before servicing is required. Requires no external plumbing!
  • Touch Screen Control Panel - Machine operation is controlled by a simple to use, menu-driven color screen. Make your selections by touching the screen's graphics - Fun and Easy!
  • User-Friendly software - Informs the operator when to add or change repair supplies, tracks important statistics and guides the user through the entire repair process.


Scratch Level & Processing Speeds

The Advantage Discs Per Hour
Polishing 177
Light Buffing 88
Average Scratch 61
Medium Scratch 47
Deep Scratch 38
Gouge 33

How It Works
The Advantage is super easy to operate. In fact, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Load up to 180 averaged scratched discs, or 90 severly gouged discs.
2. Select depth of scratches you want to repair. Choose from a quick polish all the way up to repairing deep gouges! Press start, the discs are repaired automatically!

3. When the repair process is complete, remove the discs! You will not need to clean or dry them, they are ready to be returned to their cases.

Height: 120 cm (47 in)
Width: 91 cm (36 in)
Depth: 42 cm (16 in)
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Power: AC 100-110 v (optional: AC 230V)

What It Uses - The Dual Disc Consumable Kit
The Advantage uses six different micro-abrasive polishing heads, polishing compound, and water with our Water Recirculation Treatment to cool and lubricate the disc repair process. Periodic maintenance items include two washable and one disposable filters and a Reactor Chamber Tube. The Polishing Compound is specifically formulated for Azuradisc to maximize the repair process and provide a beautiful, shiny, surface to the disc.

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