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CD and DVD Disc Scratch Repair and Removal

Scratch Removal is Here!

Why use our Disc Repair Service?
  • No Equipment to buy
  • No Machines to maintain
  • No Contracts to sign
  • No More hassles!
  • No Employees to train
  • No More Scratches!

Super Simple! We do the work for you!
from as low as $4.25 per disc!

Scratch Removal Service FAQs

There are 2 ways to send us your discs:

Using Disc Transporters

1. Disc transporters prevent re-scratching during return shipping. Designed for safe, low cost, reusable disc handling, use your own or purchase one from us.

(25 disc capacity disc transporter shown)

1 - 9 discs = $6.00 each

10+ discs = $4.25 each

The more you order,
the cheaper the cost!

Other Containers

2. Original CD or DVD cases or other aftermarket disc holders, such as sleeves, etc

$6.50 per disc*

Caution: Sending discs in original cases or sleeves are known to cause rescratching during return transit. Original cases are bulky, crack and do not protect discs during shipping. Credit will not be given on discs rescratched by these packing materials during return transit. Due to the size of the packaging, freight will be more expensive.

* DVD Warehouse cannot repair double sided discs. DVD Warehouse's disc repair process repairs the read side of the disc.
DVD Warehouse cannot fix damage caused by cracks or damage to the topside foil layer of the CD, DVD or Game disc.


3 easy steps to getting your discs repaired:

  1. Purchase our Disc Scratch Removal service. Send 1 copy of your order invoice with your discs. Keep 1 copy of your order invoice for your records.
  2. Mail us your damaged discs in a Disc Transporter or Other Container. Remember to print out your order invoice and it include it when posting your discs to us.

    Please post your discs to:
    30 Dunorlan Road
    Edwardstown 5039
    South Australia
  3. Receive your repaired discs back from our repair facility in 'Good-as-New' condition.

Scratch Removal Service FAQs

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I don't have a disc transporter; can I still get my discs repaired?

Will my repaired discs look and play like new?

I have a lot of discs that need repair. Are larger disc transporters available?

How long before I get my repaired discs back?

Are my discs secure at your site?

Do you warranty your repairs?

How is the shipping cost calculated?

How do I pay?

Do you offer high volume discounts?

What happens if I send you a ‘defective’ or damaged disc for repair?

What if you lose a disc?

What are your Limitations of Liability?

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