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Azuradisc Consumables

 1600 Stage 5 Abrasive Paper
 1600 Super Life Head
 1600/747 Disc Retaining Knob
 Aqua Lube
 Consumable Kit The Uno™
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage A
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage B
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage C
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage D
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage E
 OT Abrasive Polishing Head Stage F
 OT Advantage Tool & Maintenance Kit.
 OT Disposable Filter 3
 OT Reactor Chamber Center Tube
 OT Reusable Filter 1
 OT Reusable Filter 2
 Scratch Guards

Blank Discs

      BD-R 6x Ritek Blu-ray 25gb (Bulk Pack)
      CD-R 52x 700mb IMC Inkjet Printable
   CD-R 52x 700mb Ritek Inkjet Printable
   CD-R 52x Intact Glossy (50)
      DVD+R 2.4x 8.5gb Dual Layer Verbatim (3 disc pack with CD jewel cases)
   DVD+R 8x Dual Layer Ritek (25 disc pack)
   DVD+R 8x Dual Layer Verbatim (25 disc pack)
      DVD-R 16x Intact (Bulk Pack)
   DVD-R 16x Intact Glossy White (Bulk Pack)
   DVD-R 16x Ritek Excellent (Bulk Pack)
   DVD-R 16x Verbatim (Spindle Pack)

CD / DVD Packaging

         CD Sleeve Paper
   CD Sleeve Plastic Super Clear
   CD Sleeve Plastic with Adhesive Strip
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