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*L.A.P.D. (2001) To Protect and To Serve

Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Marc Singer
Ed Anders
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Synopsis: Captain Elsworth (Dennis Hopper), barely manages to contain his rage after a new officer, Steele (Marc Singer) disobeys orders to wait for SWAT backup and turns a bank robbery nto a deadly shoot out which explodes into a small war. Shortly after, Steele catches Lt. Alexander (Michael Madsen) and his 'gang' of dirty cops robbing a warehouse. Steele decides to 'look the other way' and accepts a payoff. His decision escalates into a maelstrom of corruption, debauchery and murder as he falls inside the dark underworld of crime and conspiracy in the ranks of LAPD. Based on actual events.
L.A.'s finest have just crossed the "thin blue line"

Barcode 9327031000528
Run Time 97mins
Aspect Ratio 4:3

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