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CD, DVD & USB Duplication or Replication

Disc and USB Production Quote

DVD Warehouse offers a complete service for the production,
printing and packing of CDs and DVDs.

Our services include:


We can burn any quantity of discs you require from a single copy
to many copies. Full colour printing on the discs is also available.


Any quantity of CDs and DVDs from 500 discs per title upwards. Full colour printing on the discs is available.

USB Production

We offer USB production in any quantity of USBs from 100 pieces upwards and in capacities ranging from 4GB to 128GB.

CD / DVD Production Quote
USB Duplication Quote

Packing those discs and their slicks or inserts into cases

Discs can be packed into paper wallets or sleeves, plastic wallets, jewel cases or full size DVD cases. Tell us your requirements and we will handle it for you.

Full colour slicks or inserts can be produced to fit all types of packaging

Whether you want inserts for jewel cases or slicks for DVD cases we can deliver.

We can take care of either part or all of the process for you. Our aim is to help make your life easier.

Simply give us a call now on (08) 8231 2530 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote or complete the form below. All of these services are available at very competitive prices.

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If the options you are looking for are not on this list, please email us at with your requirements.

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